Cannabinoids to treat HIV

Cannabis and research surrounding its use as medicine is continuously expanding across to the pharmaceutical industry and the current popular culture. Find out more information from Sean The Blogonaut.

Cannabis and research surrounding its use as medicine is continuously expanding across to the pharmaceutical industry and the current popular culture. Television newscasts and magazines now have long articles on THC and various medicinal effects of cannabis, including its ability to slow down and kill cancer cells, treat leukemia and anorexia, and their use as oxygen loss prevention during and after surgery in patients with brain damage.

Now a study published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology by a research team from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, has found that THC helped fight the HIV virus in tests, making it a potentially effective treatment for HIV .

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Macrophages are a type of white blood cells of humans, found in fewer lymphocytes, and who specialize in sick or dying cells. The HIV virus attacks the rapidly macrophages after infecting a human host, and can survive within the macrophage during periods of several months.

Living in the macrophage, travels through the bloodstream and eventually infect other cells in the body. Therefore, many researchers try to find ways to prevent the HIV virus to infect macrophages, as this would slow the infection and could stop or even destroy it completely.

It so happens that macrophages have cannabinoid receptors. CB2 receptors are very common throughout the immune and digestive system of humans.

The team conducted tests with macrophages, infecting them with HIV-1. HIV-1 is the most common strain of HIV virus, which is more than ninety percent of all types of HIV. And although the THC is a natural compound, the team used a synthetic form for the tests in order to ensure its purity and clinical CB2 receptors that would be the only variables with changing effects during the experiments.

First, macrophages were infected with HIV-1. Leaving a control group, the team tested three different synthetic cannabinoids which have particularly high affinities with the CB2 receptor. After only a week, compared with the control groups. They saw that macrophages that had been exposed to cannabinoids had developed a much higher HIV-1 virus resistance and that infection rates had dropped dramatically. Basically, the stimulation of CB2 receptors on macrophages had increased their overall resistance to infection. An advantage of the use of specific cannabinoids activity occurred only at the CB1 receptor, indicating that human use entail very reduced psychoactive effects, effects that many users find medicinal debilitating and too intense.  Find out more in this post.

One of the authors of the study who works as a pathologist at Temple University, Yuri Persidsky, says the effects of cannabinoid CB2-specific HIV virus are not the limit of their potential in the treatment and cure of lethal disorders. "As these compounds are improving and will be available more broadly, will continue to explore its potential to combat other viral diseases difficult to treat."

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The Best Low Cost Vapes

You should use an aromatherapy massage therapy oil by alone, or in conjunction with meditative music, or candle lights. Audio and lights can boost the therapeutic results of the aromatherapy massage therapy oil.

A period-honoured tradition ‘” the smoking pipe ‘” is utilized globally for smoking hashish and can never walk out fashion! It’s very practical for an individual-strike usage or social occasions and traditions (the peace-pipe, utilized by native People is a great instance of this). It is much more affordable than cigarette smoking joints because there’s considerably less smoke wastage so you never consume any cancer causing carcinogens from burned paper.

DA ZAO - Da Zao is recognised in Traditional chinese medicine to enhance Qi, sluggish lower the ageing process and quiet the intellect from insomnia and uneasyness. It’s employed like a moderate sedative to avoid and lower tension stomach problems. It’s generally utilized in signals of fatigue, hypertension, physical exhaustion and lack of nutrition.

Use a gas warmer these kinds of as “Gas Atomizer 2000”. Several people comprehend that gasoline engines are only able to run once the fuel is atomized (vaporized) since liquid gasoline will ton the motor. Your overall automobile are only able to atomize ten to twenty% of nearly every gallon of gas. The Gas <a href=””>marijuana</a> can, in many situations, double the amount atomizing system therefore supplying a significant rise in mileage.

You are able to decrease your gasoline payment significantly and enhance fuel effectiveness, as correctly as enhance your fuel useage as much as 50%, reducing pollution, as well as obtaining the IRS to provide you with refunds for performing so. You’ll be assisting to lessen our countrywide charge card debt for imported oil, not to indicate the distressing cost of monetary trustworthiness on oil.

The home drug have a look at package may be the least complicated response to affirm the existence of medicines within the system process. In line with the sample that you employ, it’s now easy to get quick consequence of test. If you wish to be aware of stage of addition that you and your costly an individual have, you have to then unquestionably go for marijuana testing strip.

WARNING!!! Consuming cannabis comes with an a lot more robust impact than cigarette smoking it!!!! It usually takes longer hitting you it lasts a long, extended time. A lot of persons consume too considerably before they understand they’ve more than tried it and finish up presently being stoned for several days!!! Anyone experimentation with this particular have to be really, quite careful about amounts of hash or weed.

Nevertheless yet another procedure for improving effectiveness of vapes would be to incorporate correct respiration method. As vapor will get produced in the heated plant substance, how you inhale the vapor also adds towards the density from the vapor introduced. For medicinal uses, it’s particularly vital the proper vapor density is absorbed completely from your lung area along with other organs that are looking the plant vapor. This so-known as good respiration through your vape session would be to inhale the vapor, hold it inside your lung area for any couple of seconds, and exhale the vapor piece by piece.  For more information check out this post.

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The Dangers of Synthetic Cannabis

The components of the synthetic cannabis “are not fit for human consumption,” says Professor Emeritus John W. Huffman - the scientist who, over 15 years ago, synthesized cannabinoids artificiale

The components of the synthetic cannabis “are not fit for human consumption,” says Professor Emeritus John W. Huffman - the scientist who, over 15 years ago, artificial synthesized cannabinoids. The effects of his work, marked with your initials (JWH-011, JWH-066 etc..), Have not been studied carefully enough to be considered healthy to use.Although as legal substitutes for cannabis, these substances have an obvious market value,” its effects in humans have not been studied and could be toxic. Should not be used under any circumstances as recreational drugs. “ Created as part of a scientific study, it became the subject of publication and debate. Unfortunately, according to Professor Huffman:” Some people have learned to do it and we are introducing products.”

There is a very high probability that what you find in the “ legal highs "trying to emulate marijuana is actually a product of the academic work of Professor Huffman. As an organic chemist at Clemson University, conducted research for the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about the same between 1984 and 2010. The study was devoted to the chemical structure of cannabinoids and their influence on biological activity.

One of the biggest differences between natural and artificial marijuana is that apart from THC - the main psychoactive ingredient - plant consists of a number of different substances that act specifically on the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. These receptors have a role my precise and important - not simply exist for us to place (although it is a nice side effect).Cannabinoid receptors in our brain regulate things like mood, pain, inflammation, eating disorders, nausea and more serious illnesses such as cancer, liver disease and osteoporosis.

Play this is not a good idea - and it’s play if you use synthetic cannabinoids not subject to testing. Marijuana has thousands of years of human use - the lab created artificial substitutes, are available for a limited period of time. Professor Huffman strongly advise caution with this -” I emphasize the risk posed by smoking these products. We simply do not know what the health effects” would know what it says -., After all, he has created.  For more information check out this article.

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Cigarette Brands Articles

Of system, probably the most traditional and extensively employed product is the traditional fashioned spliff. There’s something ritualistic about moving marijuana cigarettes. The planning alone is definitely an amazing precursor towards the relaxation felt following a set of tokes. It’s well-known among lone those that smoke as well as in social events. Moving some pot is fairly an own detail. Each and every guy or lady has their possess individual manner of moving and they’ll get their possess best ratio of hash or weed and tobacco. Hashish joints get to myriad styles and dimensions. You will find even guides on distinctive joint buildings!

Once the plant method is heated way too greater, that’s when it’s more toxic for the lung area. Nevertheless, within the <a href=””>marijuana</a>, the herbal treatments are heated although not burnt building it safe for the lung area and throat as perfectly. For that rationale that vape functions by using water and moisture to be able to deliver vapor, natural vapes will also be support other wellness difficulties which are triggered by congestion.

You should use an aromatherapy massage therapy oil by alone, or perhaps in mixture with meditative tunes, or candle lights. Tunes and lights can raise the therapeutic final results from the aromatherapy massage therapy oil.

K2 is created while dried herbal treatments are dispersed with psychoactive chemical compounds this was banned through the Foods and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration). These chemical compounds aren’t greatly acknowledged as safe, however they in the minute are progressively preferred as K2 use will not basically exhibit in popular marijuana drug screening.  For more info check out this article.

Acrylic Magnetic Plant Grinder: It’s a obvious plant grinder through which 1 can easily begin to see the plant they grind. Acrylic Magnetic Plant Grinder is provided in several shades and shades in the market.

The smoke revealed within the traditional approach to smoking is actually harsh for the lung area because of the very fact a person inhales unsafe chemical substances and issues to your lung area. With herbal vapes, it’s harmless for you personally because of the very fact you’re dealing with vapor rather of smoke. Consequently of using humidity and plant substance, the vapor is created while safeguarding there’s no getting too hot because the proper temperatures are applied.

When Bella Mire Hcg diet drops is drawn in small doses, it turns the abnormal fats held in the general body all-round the abdomen, arms and leg area into fuel. When taken in conjunction with a lower-calorie diet, it effects inside a fast body body fat reduction in folks who’ve been wishing to decrease pounds for any very very long time.

Apart from planning all of the items, you might also need to organize the body just before vaporization. As with every activity by which warm-up workout programs are required to construct your body for that physical troubles from the sport, vaporization classes also require some type of planning. An effective way to get this done is by hydration at least an hour or so just before your vape session. Consuming lots of h2o increases your own body’s performance in absorbing the vapor and disbursing it through all of your inside system programs.

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Top 5 Marijuana Strains from the West Coast

The West Coast of the U.S. is famous for producing some of the most famous strains in the market today, but, what are the best of the best? And where is this magical land that produces them?

The West Coast of the U.S. is famous for producing some of the most famous strains in the market today, but, what are the best of the best? And where is this magical land that produces them?

In the international market today, there are plenty of legendary strains and powerful, and many of them were conceived within the Emerald Triangle, the Mecca of cannabis cultivation in the U.S. Located on the West Coast of the United States, in northern California, Emerald Triangle is the largest producing region of the United States cannabis - and consists of the counties of Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity.

After its inception in the 60s, cannabis cultivation conquered the market, and it is believed that some farmers in the area were up to 1,000 million dollars a year, which was accentuated by the legalization of medical marijuana. At present, the cultivation of cannabis is considered a way of life in the region, and virtually all of its inhabitants are linked to cannabis industry in one way or another.

This continuous activity cannabis has led to a number of strains that have achieved legendary status, and are regarded as some of the best in the world. This is the Top 5 of strains from the West Coast:


Possibly one of the most famous strains of all time, the OG Kush is legendary meat. It was the strain of choice for many rock stars, rappers and celebrities for years, in addition to gain market. This hybrid is characterized by its powerful, euphoric and happy rush, and tastes mostly pine, with earthy nuances. This is a real star and a favorite of connoisseurs worldwide.


From the same family as Kush, OG Bubba Kush has everything you would expect from a mostly indica strain. A period of rapid bloom, an abundant harvest and a strong and relaxing body buzz. Although not as strong as the OG Kush in terms of THC content, the Bubba Kush is, however, a serious contender that can surprise the unwary. Kush is another that has created a reputation among real fumetas for their high quality. The Bubba Kush has a predominantly sweet taste, with hints of pine and earthy.


The Trainwreck is just what its name suggests. It has been considered one of the most potent strains of Sativa predominance of California, and still maintains its reputation for inducing cerebral tremendously powerful psychedelic experience. Its smoke has a strong flavor of pine, with an earthy undertone and a hint of lemon. Presents a Sativa high yields, but with the rapid flowering period of an Indica. When you combine these features, you have a real monster hands. Beware newbies.


This cross of Blueberry and Haze is a wonder to behold. His icy blue leaves and branches laden with buds, covered in frost crystals, making the plant gorgeous. Produces powerful adrenaline mixed mind and body, with the best of both parents, relaxes muscles, frees the mind and makes it float in a euphoric haze. The Blue Dream has a characteristic sweet, fruity flavor, Blueberry inherited from his hand, and with a subtle earthy nuances. The combination of great taste and strong high is what makes it so popular among growers and users alike.


No top 5 strains of the West Coast would be complete without mentioning the famous ChemDawg. Considered one of the mother OG Kush strains, the ChemDawg is a legend high-class that combines strong and powerful flavors with an equal strong Sativa rush. It is a piece of history of the West Coast and a favorite of many connoisseurs. Its flavor is an eclectic mix of pine and jet fuel, which makes it interesting and enjoyable. The blow causes the brain can get you out of the skull, is not a strain for beginners.  For more information please review this post here.

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